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Regional Australia can Play an Active Role in Solving Population Growth

Regional Australia can Play an Active Role in Solving Population Growth

The Federal Government in Australia has updated its population plan and is looking into what role the regional migration can play to manage population growth. 

A New Strategy 

There is a six point strategy with the following approach:

  • Reduction the migration rate from 190,000 to 160,300 in the present year, and additionally the cap of 160,000 for four years
  • Regional migration; and allowing incentives for new arrivals to reach regional centers
  • Quick rails in 20 years for connecting cities to regional centers
  • Economic development in the regions
  • Improvement of infrastructure in capital cities
  • Focus on planning Better population in the states

There were big changes in the student visas so that more students arrive in regional universities, and the grant of 23,000 skilled visas, serving as a permanent residency pathway.

The plan also provides incentives to global students to study in universities of regional areas and small cities. Presently, global students are at 43 percent of the Net Overseas Migration rate, but a majority of them prefer residing in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.

A Focus on Students

Starting from July this year, students studying in areas that are outside the huge capitals will get extra one year of work rights post-study.

The universities are now endeavoring to increase global awareness and also attract many students. The regional universities know is that the level of awareness of their offering is not high among the overseas markets as it ought to be. The regional cities are ready for taking up population growth. At present, the criteria the regional centers apply for attracting more migrants is not bright. There is no means presently for a town, not reliant on people to fill skill gaps, to convince the new citizens to arrive and settle there.

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