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International Education: The Importance of Post-Study Work-permits

International Education: The Importance of Post-Study Work-permits

Factors such as world-class professors, research-based education and practical skills have helped Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, and  New Zealand emerge as favored study destinations. However, students explore more than just a good education; they require jobs that improve their career opportunities. Towards that, several nations have provided post-study work visas.

For instance, UK PM has resumed the previous post-study work visa which is valid for 2 years in the nation. This is a pleasant move for Indian students because they were eligible for only 4-6 months of work permits.

Canada also grants two-year post-study work permits to international students, executed to engage them by offering an opportunity to work for any Canadian company in any area without the necessity of a Canadian employment offer at the time of submitting the application.

New Zealand has been obtaining importance due to its long three-year work policies for international students. Likewise, Australia empowers international students by giving them a liberal post-study work permit beneath two streams. Meanwhile, the Graduate Work Stream permits international students with specific qualifications and skills to live in Australia for a tenure of 18 months, international students with qualifications like MRes and Ph.D. can live in Australia for a maximum of four years.

Germany provides international students to live in the country for 18 months tenure following the completion of their studies. Once a student receives a job related to the course, he/she can appeal to the Germany residence permit.

Principal Things to Consider Before Selection

Students often select colleges based on their ranking in the globe, instead of the possibilities the place would offer; they need to look out for cities that the universities/colleges are close to, and the type of industries in that specific region. This will guarantee a better set of job openings or chances after course completion.

Other features like the cost of living, safety, simple admission systems must be counted. After all, post-study work permits are not only important for students, but also for the host nation in helping them to encourage their economic prosperity.

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