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Changes in Australian Regional Visa will Take Effect from 16th November

Changes in Australian Regional Visa will Take Effect from 16th November

From 16th November 2019 visa subclass 187 will not exist. It will be replaced by another visa process with an allocation of 9,000 vacancies. The process will result in getting permanent residence:

Step 1 

Subclass 494 Employer Regional Visa

Employer requirements pertain to Nomination, process of application and sponsorship in Subclasses 457/482 sponsorship. The concerned Position has to be full time and genuine existing for 5 years.

The yearly earnings should not be lower than TSMIT $53,900 unless there is nomination in the Labor Agreement stream; and all the terms must be equally favorable as for local employees.

The Regional Certifying Body has to issue a confirmation regarding the salary being acceptable.

In case of nomination in the category of 494 visa, fresh sponsors must assume all sponsorship obligations pertaining to family members holding the 494 visas.

Visa holders in Subclass 494 will get 90 days for finding another employer, when the employment of the sponsor is over. Visa will stand cancelled in case sponsor gives false or misleading information, or does not meet obligations of sponsorship, will be barred to be a sponsor.

Requirements for Applicant

Also the Age limit has to be 45 years at the time of applying 

In the Employer sponsored stream there must be skilled occupation as per the list besides a valid and appropriate skills assessment; 

In Labor agreement stream –

• There  must be a show regarding necessary skills for doing the tasks of the nominated job

• Specifying of Nominated occupation by corresponding ANZSCO code of 6-digit 

• Employed in a nominated job for three years (full time) at the skill level necessary for the job; 

• Labor agreement stream the Minister must consider it reasonable to not require it 

• Employer sponsored stream all applicants must possess competency in English while applying; 

Labor agreement stream – 

• English skills appropriate to do the nominated job

• A good character is important for each applicant 

• It can be applied and granted outside or inside the country

• The person has to be a holder of visa or BVA, or BVC/ BVB for applying onshore

• Temporary visa and its validity

• Visa is liable for cancellation in case the holder fails to have a real intention while granting to do the nominated job or ceases to 
have a real intention to do the nominated job or in case this position was unreal

Charges for Visa Application 

Base charge for all primary applicants is $3,755, and for an extra applicant above 18 years it is $1,875, $940 for lower than 18 years: 

Second VAC installment 

For Primary applicants having less than practical English above 18 years it is $9,800 and for all secondary applicants above 18 years it is $4,890; and also for other applicants it is nil

Step 2 

Subclass 191 - Subclasses 494 and 491 holders can apply for this visa

• After holding it for three years

• Meet   minimum threshold of taxable income for three years at the time of holding both the Subclasses Dependent children being the family members can be included in Subclass 191 application, despite not meeting dependency definition. 

• Applicants must possess good character and health

• It can be applied and granted outside or inside the country

Visa Application Charge 

Base charge for primary applicants is $385; and for additional applicants it is $195, for those below 18 years it is $100 
Permanent visa permits its holder for a travel inside and enter the country for 5 years 

Applicants who file the 187 before 16th Nov 2019 will not receive any impacted of the changes holders of Transitional Subclass 457 visa 

Visa Holders in category 457 on April 18th, 2017, or of in 457 visa as on April 18th 2017 granted subsequently, get an exemption from the closure dated 16th November 2019 

Transitional Subclass 482 visa holders

Visa Holders of Subclass 482 visas in the stream for medium-term as on 20 March 2019 or those applying for 482 visas on 20 March 2019, that was granted subsequently, get an exemption from the closure dated 16th November 2019  

New features of Skilled Regional Visas - 

Facts of Designated Regional Area

All areas excluding Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Perth are designated as regional areas holders of a Regional visa can reside in any of the areas and move between areas

Restriction for applying for any other visa

All Holders of Subclass 494 have a restriction and cannot apply for these visas, unless they complete three years in these regional area, but for exceptional circumstances:

• Subclass 124 or 858 - Distinguished Talent

• Category 132 - Business Talent

• Subclass 189 - Skilled - Independent

• Category 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme

• Subclass 188 - Business Innovation and Investment 

• Category 820 - Partner (Temporary)

• Subclass 190 - Skilled - Nominated

Important Conditions


Notify the Department in 14 days in case of a change in contact/ passport details, residential or employer address, and location of position


It requires the applicant to work, live, and study in a designated area and it Permits the holder for moving in between designated areas besides preventing the holder from having the access to any other skilled visa for three years provisions for Cancellation apply if it does not comply with this Condition 


Requires in 28 days, in case there is a request in writing by the concerned Minister, in the residential address, employer address, position location and its address, or address of an educational institution that the visa holder attends 
8581 seeks from visa holder, in case there is a written request made from Minister regarding attending the interview opposite each other or through video conferencing 


The visa holder has to work in the specified occupation  as per application for 494 visa given to its holder, and work in a position in nominated business or belonging to the  associated entity, unless the job is specified by Minister or is done for fulfilling the legal requirement following issuing a notice; 

He/she has to begin work in 90 days after arriving and not stop going work employment for 90 days; besides continuing holding the registration /license                 

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