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Australian States & Territories Ready to Give Inputs on Migration Policy

Australian States & Territories Ready to Give Inputs on Migration Policy

In a press conference in the previous week, the Australian Prime Minister declared that the National Cabinet will be permanent and substitute the Australian Government Council (COAG), announcing a new era in the federal government and state government policy cooperation and planning. One of the committees below the National Cabinet is migration and population.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven up great difficulties for governments throughout the globe. Australia has arguably had one of the greater responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a coordinated strategy and data sharing among federal, state, and territory agencies. Meanwhile, there have been variations in what exercises people are not permitted to do in every state and territory, and state border closings while may run afoul of the Constitution in a judicial challenge, the usual meetings among the prime minister, chief ministers, and premiers by what was called the National Cabinet has been crucial in a consistent path to COVID-19 in the Australian federalist political system.

New Model Goals

Due to the progress of the National Cabinet, the prime minister of Australia declared that it is here to stay. The National Cabinet accepted to effectively dismiss the COAG and retain the National Cabinet, with its primary aim to create employment as the nation starts to lift limitations and possibly allow global travel. With informed cabinet confidentiality giving privacy in discussions, the possibility for politicking related to COAG meetings is expected to end.

Under the latest model, several ministerial forums and governing councils (including for tourism, skills, and trade and investment) will be connected and reset, with national cabinet improvement committees set in the principal areas of:

  • Skills;
  • Rural and regional;
  • Housing;
  • Energy;
  • Health;
  • Transport and Infrastructure;
  • Population and Migration.

No dilemma states and territories will utilize these committees to provide their inputs on migration correlating to their population intentions. It is no mystery that few states and territories, like the Northern Territory and South Australia, are trying to raise their migration intake while others like New South Wales and Victoria, are trying to reduce migration to their capitals.

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