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Australian Government Reestablishing its Economy in a Step-by-step Plan

Australian Government Reestablishing its Economy in a Step-by-step Plan

Australia is one of the countries which could efficiently flatten the COVID-19 curve, has declared a step-by-step plan to bring its economy back on the complete swing. With the plan, Australia intends to bring 850,000 workers back to work. As per Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister, the plan puts Australia at the forefront of developed economies arising from the crisis, having escaped the scale of illness and death that’s damaged nations including the U.K., the U.S., Germany, and Italy.

We intend to move by all of these steps to gain that COVID-19 safe economy in July, announced by the PM by declaring the plan. In this plan, we walk before we run. We understand that we need to be cautious to protect our gains, if we want to reclaim the ground we failed, we can't be too nervous, he added.

Australia’s step-by-step Plan to Reestablish the Economy

The steps for the phased restarting of the economy are not only regarding relaxing the limitations which had been inflicted before to control the spread of the disease but regarding the activities that have to be exercised by the government and community to assure a Coronavirus safe atmosphere. The citizens and residents of Australia have to proceed following social distancing, following hygienic practices, and also utilize the app authorized by the government to stay protected.

In the initial step, Australians can go back to work and involve in social activities like travel. Small gatherings of approximately 10 people will be permitted in this phase. Public swimming pools, small cafes, retail shops, and restaurants will be resumed. Local and regional moving will be permitted. However, companies are advised to support their employees to work from home, if feasible.

In the next step, more companies will be resumed and the public will be permitted to use gyms. Recreation facilities like cinemas will also be resumed. Gatherings of higher than 20 people will be permitted. Further, facilities like stadiums, zoos, and galleries will be resumed. Planned community sports will be restored and few inter-state travels will be permitted.

In the last step, Australia strives to reach a COVID-safe economy. Groups of up to 100 people will be permitted, though mass gatherings will not be permitted. Most companies can empower their workers to come back to their workplaces and also inter-state travel will be permitted at this stage. Clubs and Pubs will be recommenced. Australia will think about the reopening of borders with New Zealand and other Pacific islands at this step. Global students may also be permitted to enter the nation.

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