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Australian Government Announces Job Maker Plan to Boost its Economy

Australian Government Announces Job Maker Plan to Boost its Economy

Australian PM Scott Morrison addressed the national press club on 26 May 2020 to deliver the JobMaker plan that focused on boosting the Australian economy through vocational training.

Details about Job Maker Plan

He told that JobMaker will “bring individuals together, to define and reach the reform we need”. He also told to media that he will address various components of the JobMaker plan across the coming weeks and months before the presentation of the budget in October, however, the principal focus will be on industrial relations and skills.

We require Australians properly trained for the jobs, companies are looking to create. It is that easy, he said. The lack of transparent information about what those skills requirements are, now and into the future, to manage training and funding.

He told the median time frame to create or update training products is about 18 months with a third taking above two years to update the training products which is not very effective.

“Subsidies for a nursing diploma in 2017 fluctuated between AUD 19,963 in Western Australia and AUD 8,218 in Queensland. And all of this is prior to the question circling the quality of that training is directed,” he said to explain some of the differences in the system.

Even if their career might be best it can be further improved by the vocational education. I want those skills and trade jobs to be strived to, not looked down upon or viewed as a second-best choice,” he said.

He looked towards the requirement to concentrate on the industrial association's system which has “settled into the satisfaction of unions getting marginal profits and businesses closing down risks, often by just not employing anyone” in a system that “has lost vision of its purpose”.

“Employees or businesses, Unions or employer organizations. It is not ahead Australians to put aside disputes to find common solutions to particular problems – particularly at a time like this,” he said.

“We must allow our companies to earn Australian way out of this COVID-19 crisis. And that implies concentrating on the things that can make their companies go faster.”

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