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Australian Employers & Employees Succeeding Because of the Immigration

Australian Employers & Employees Succeeding Because of the Immigration

Politicians of all exhortations are not opposed to having a definite swing at the populism piñata to view what poll-sweets might fall on the whole politic, particularly when it’s hard to distract the concentration of the media to their focus. However when Kristina Keneally newly appealed to the Government of Australia to improve and limit work visas on the grounds that Australian workers must "get a fair go and a first go at jobs" she was appealing a larger-than-usual bat when changing what the true position is in the multi-faceted and layered community that is the workplace in Australia.

A good go and a first go at jobs, she states. It seems so fair, so patriotic, so Australian! But it’s only not the case that individuals on visas (recognize when we used to call them immigrants?) are leaving our lunch when it comes to employment. The Government required migrant expertise and labor in 1788 and nothing has improved. There is a complicated interconnected model of government departments that counts the demand for Australian firms to bring in workers – what, where, and when. Right now, there is a great big dirty bouncer managing an orderly line for jobs (partially due to COVID19), and only permitting the ‘right’ kind of individuals into Club Job – Australia. We believe they could change up a lot, but that’s a different dog to walk in a different blog.

Our customer list is full of extremely skilled talent from abroad whose expertise, knowledge and work ethic have either allowed small Australian company to survive because the state could not be satisfied by an eligible Australian applicant, or else the international worker has helped the employer to excite the employer's dreams of development. And this is great for Australian employees! If the Australian firm can flourish because of the import of international expertise, then the Australian associates get to keep their positions and stand to gain better wages and improved opportunities. Coming here and providing us all a fair go!

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