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Australia Reveals 491 & 190 Visas 2019-20 State Nomination Allocation

Australia Reveals 491 & 190 Visas 2019-20 State Nomination Allocation

In two different Freedom of Information requests, the number of nominations allotted to Australian territories and states for both the permanent Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) visa and provisional state or territory nominated Skilled Work Regional (Subclass 491) (Provisional) visa and the visa it substituted, the Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) visa, were revealed.

The subclass 190 and subclass 491 visas nominated by a state or territory is a part of the Australian independent skilled migration program, otherwise identified as General Skilled (G.S.M) Migration visas. These visas are for skilled immigrant workers in a profession in demand, and who are not expected to be employed or sponsored.

Benefits of Subclass 190 & Subclass 491 Visas

There are many benefits that state or territory nominated subclass 190 or subclass 491 visas have over the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa and the Skilled Work Regional (Subclass 491) (Provisional) visa sponsored by a qualified relative:

They can escape from the Expression of Interest (E.O.I) invitation system. The E.O.I invitation system is subjected to the regulations of supply and demand. The required points to obtain an invitation can change depending on how many invitations are announced in a given invitation round, which usually happens once a month.

The principal applicant is only needed to score 65 points in the G.S.M points examination, an increase from 60 points on 1 Jul 2018. This somewhat improves the issue trade professions for G.S.M visas have as the points examination for E.O.I invitation visas (subclass 189 or subclass 491 visa sponsored by an eligible relative) is heavily regulated towards professions that require degrees, as modern analysis reveals.

The number of qualified professions is increased significantly. The subclass 190 visa permits for any profession below either the Medium and Longterm Strategic (M.L.T.S.S.L) Skills List or the Shortterm Skilled Occupation (S.T.S.O.L) List. For 491 visas chosen by a state or territory, all professions on the G.S.M occupation list are permissible including the Regional Professions List (R.O.L). 

Nomination Allocations

The nomination allotments for each state and territory for subclass 190 visas in the 2019-2020 program year are:

Western Australia – 2,250

Victoria – 2,500

Tasmania – 1,200

South Australia – 1,250

Queensland – 1,000

Northern Territory – 400

New South Wales – 3,000

Australian Capital Territory – 1,200

Total 12,800

The nomination allocations for each state and territory for subclass 491 visas in the 2019-2020 program year are:

Western Australia – 1,000

Victoria – 1,043

Tasmania – 1,800

South Australia – 3,750

Queensland – 1,250

Northern Territory – 600

New South Wales – 2,745

Australian Capital Territory – 200

Total 12,388

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