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Australia Makes Important Changes to the Second Year Working Visa

Australia Makes Important Changes to the Second Year Working Visa

We present a few facts for the people who think about a working holiday in Australia.

In 2019 there were significant changes in the working holiday visa program visa of the subclasses 417 and 462.

The earlier changes to these holiday visas were made in 2015, making the eligibility process stricter. Similarly, the new changes aim at improving the situation for the second year visa for the employers and the employees.

A look at the changes,

Accessing the third year visa

This is a significant change, for the people who are not interested to go home soon. Before July 2019 extending the visa happened only for the second year, by working in regional areas for three months. After that, there is an option for an extension of visa for the third year. To do this extension the 417/462 visa holder need to complete six months of work in the regional areas in the similar conditions that apply for the extension to the second year.

The applicable work must happen after July 2019, and the first date for application is the 1st January 2020.

An extensive range of locations is available to holders of 462 visas

Till now 462 visa holders, doing the regional work to get the second year visa, had restrictions to specific areas of Northern Australia. The workers are presently eligible to take positions in many locations, across the country. These locations are some parts of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia, and all places in Tasmania, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

Age limit is 35

As per The announcement of the Australian government there is a plan to increase the age limit for working holiday to 35 from 30.

New countries, lead to a great intake

The nationals of Greece and Ecuador are permitted to apply for 462 visas, but with strict requirements:

  • Completing  two years of undergraduate university studies,
  • Providing evidence of functional English,
  • Providing the letter of support from the government

There was an increase in the annual intake for Israel, Spain, and Peru.

Applicants belonging to Portugal, Spain, and Austria do not need a government support letter in their application.

The opportunity to stay with your employer

The 417 and 462 visa holders could previously stay with a regional employer for six months, but now they can now stay for 12 months.

Eligibility for second /third year visa extension

  • Being the 417/462 visa holder
  • Completing 3 months of specific work in the first year to get the second year extension, plus six months of specific work in the second year to get a third-year extension
  • Being within the age of 18 – 30 years
  • No dependents traveling with you
  • Not be already in Australia on Work/Holiday Visa in subclass 462
  • Possessing the current passport from a country

Specified work clause in visa extension

The Home Affairs Department requires working holidaymakers to carry out specified work to extend the stay which includes:

  • Fishing and pearling
  • Plant and animal cultivation
  • Mining
  • Tree farming and felling
  • Construction

Applying for it

Applying for the working holiday visa, for first, second and third year is easy by using the portal

Keep noticing the Home Affairs Department website for changes. The changes are good and allow many people to stay in Australia for a long time

Details of the second year visa

The second-year working holiday visa is an optional extension in the visa for the first year for subclass 417/462. People are eligible to apply in the second year when they complete three months of work in the first.

Time for second-year approval

As per the current Departmental data, the processing of 75% of the second year visa applications in 417 happen in 9 days, whereas 90% get processed in 18 days. For The 462 visa time for second-year applications is 75% are processed in 21 days and 90% in 24 days.

Apply for working holiday visa two times

It is possible if you apply for the second and third years for the visa extension.

Getting the second year visa for Australia

First, the person has to meet the requirements of work as listed above in the first year, and complete the visa extension application by using the Departmental website.

The difference between 417 and 462 visas

Both visas apply to different countries depending on the passport the applicant holds.

Does au pair work count for 2nd year visa?

The list of specified work indicates that for both the visas, au pairing or nanny work is not eligible for a visa extension.

Getting a working visa above 30 years

It is applicable to citizens of Canada, France, and Ireland

Taking two working visas simultaneously

Not permitted as per law,

Working for more than six months on this visa

The Home Affairs Department prefers that people avoid remaining with one employer for more than six months period.

Working for 6 months with the same employer

This is possible but needs applying for permission through the official method.

Hours of work on this visa in Australia

Visa holders in 417 and 462 category are approved to do the full-time work and can work for many hours as per their choice.

The standard working week covers 38 hours, and an employer cannot force for a time more than that.

Duration of Working on a working holiday visa in Australia

Visa holders in 417 and 462 category are approved for yearly installments in first; second and third-year extension and visa holders can work for any timeframe. There is a restriction for staying with one employer for more than six months and this requires special permission from the Home Affairs Department.

Needing $5,000 dollars for entering on the working holiday visa

The answer is yes because the government wants to knowledge about having enough savings for support in the trip.

The hours one can work on the holiday visa

The employers cannot force a person to work beyond 38 hours per week.

Changing a tourist visa to a working holiday visa

The tourist visa cannot be converted in 417/462 visas. To get the working holiday visa one has to create the new application, which, is difficult if applicants are not in their home country at that time.

Looking for a job in Australia on the tourist visa

The answer is no as one can only work in the country by holding an eligible visa like the subclasses 417 and 462.

The result of getting caught when working illegally

The following punishments are applied:

  • Visa revocation
  • Forcing to leave Australia
  • A fine of $10,000
  • Placing in the Immigration Detention Centre until deportation arrangements are made

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